Whitelist .basin NFT's

Hi Everyone, I am having sooooo much fun with CP and Blue Chips!

@terexitarius turned me on early summer and Mcallios prompted me again with “bowlbound” and now jamming with @Mango and skamy#5366 about all this.

We have set up .basin domains (which are NFTs’). You can see some of names in NFTView.io (!!! which is awesome because the full names don’t even show in Safe or Rainbow!). (BTW .basin is through Punk Domains and you better hurry to get own tld set up!)

We would like to get .basin NFT’s whitelisted ASAP. Assuming there are no objections, how soon can this happen?


Here is Punk Domains Punk Domains - Permissionless Web3 Domains

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@Mango need DAO address to send IONX to.

It is blank on this page, item #2: Allowlist Application - Charged Particles

Happy to announce that this request has been fulfilled and the contract allowlisted!


So pumped! Thank you CP Community.

(But now you have to put up with me in the Bugs Discord Channel!)