Weekly votes on the snapshot to determine the next smart contracts allowlisted

Now that we are able to allowlist external smart contracts to use the Charged Particles protocol, we believe it to be very important to allowlist as many as possible and to be smart about which order we do things in. We also believe this is something that the DAO should be talking about and voting on.

Here I’d like to propose that each week there is a selection of 5 choices from our growing list of smart contracts to integrate. This way the DAO and other partners can weigh in on their desire to integrate our technology.


Solid. Let’s do this. I have 2 BoA drops (well, 3) that I’d really like to get allowlisted.


Love this. Good way to get more exposure for Charged Particles through these allowlisted collections.

Highly encourage members that are active in other communities to propose to allowlist those NFTs and then get that community involved (plenty of fun energizing games to be had once allowlisted!)


I would like to propose whitelisting ENS Domains.