Regenerative Finance and Charged Particles

Currently the regenerative finance (ReFi) movement has created both tokens and NFTs. Examples of tokens created are from Toucan Protocol (BCT, NCT), Moss (MCO2), and Klima (Klima). Examples of NFT projects are Unios, NFTree Haus, Endangered Tokens and Ecolabs. ReFi tokens need more holders to increase the token value and the ReFi NFT projects need increased intrinsic value to gain traction. Charged Particles is able to assist in both these areas.

Charged Particles allows for charging the NFTs with tokens. These tokens can be yield bearing (such as Aave aTokens). The yield from tokens embedded in NFTs can be directed towards buying ReFi tokens and furthering the charge of the NFT (as well as holders of ReFi tokens: the NFTs).

Avano aims to assist the Charged Particles community in finding ReFi NFT projects that can be whitelisted, furthering the use of the existing code, and codeveloping new code. Currently NFTs need to be whitelisted to be able to be charged (however in the future any NFT can be charged), the Avano community has extensive experience and connections in the ReFi space and can assist in finding NFT projects to whitelist. Once whitelisted, community members can choose what yield bearing token they would like to charge the NFT with as well as what ReFi token the yield should buy. Other yield bearing sources will be sought and suggested to integrate (such as Olympus, and Klima potentially). Each time a NFT is charged a percentage fee goes to Charged Particles for the use of their code as well as to encourage further community development. Avano aims to be blockchain agnostic and would like to bring the Charged Particles code to the blockchains they decide to operate on, further expanding it. Another example of code development is the use of yield to buy other tokens and automatically charging them in the NFT.

To establish a beginning start to Charged Particles and Avano partnership, we invite the Charged Particles community to support us in sponsoring a hack around the ideas presented. This hackathon will take place starting on Earth Day of 2022 and will enable the ReFi community to make great strides in NFTs for positive environmental impact.

Personally I am unfamiliar with the idea of “regenerative finance”/ReFi – could you provide a bit of context on what this is and how it works please?

Happy to :slight_smile: Regenerative Finance (ReFi) is a sub-category of Decentralized Finance (DeFI) that focuses on using blockchain and smart contracts (or Web3 tools in general) to develop environment-related markets (primarily natural capital assets) that enable positive behavioral change and regenerate natural systems. Here are a couple of articles on it Intersecting carbon markets and Web3 for regenerative change | by Regen Network | Regen Network Development | Medium, Solid World DAO using crypto to fight climate change - AMBCrypto and a mind map of orgs doing work in the space

Ah, so this shares some intersections with the green/sustainable blockchain initiatives? Very cool – thank you for the reference reading!

I really like these ideas and would love to lean into the regenerative angle of Web 3.0. I think we need a bit more discussion here from more community members and builders before we move forward with anything but I’d love to speak more about it.

Would you be interested in doing a Twitter Spaces at some point coming up to do a community open-forum style discussion about these concepts. Would love to invite on a number of other folks like Rafa, Ryan, and Torch Horse to conceptualize with us.

Maybe sometime next week or the week after? @terexitarius

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Sounds great! Let me know what works. I am in Hawaii time currently.

Let’s shoot for next week, Wednesday, April 27th, later in the day EST time. This will allow our friends in New Zealand, China, and Hawaii to attend. We can push back the normal community call time slot for next week if others are good with that.

I propose 7PM EST time, which is 4PM PST; 1PM Hawaii; 11AM New Zealand; 7AM China.

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While that’s usually dinner time, I can probably make it. An hour or two later would work better for me, though.

This would be great for me! Let’s schedule it :slight_smile: