Liquidity of IONX on Polygon?

Hi Photons,

With increasing use of CPs on Polygon network, there’s been some discussion of adding liquidity of IONX to the Polygon network.

Would you like to see this?
Any thoughts/concerns on this?


I don’t have any concerns about doing this, other than a lack of staking incentives. If liquidity is deployed, staking should go hand in hand with it. It’d give access to smaller holders without the massive eth gas fees and potentially drive more investment.


No concerns … just would be a bit careful with the amount of rewards given out, if that’s the route you take.

Love the idea of supporting IONX on Polygon.

Re: Staking Incentives. Anyone’s strong opinions on using a provider (as opposed to redeploying & supporting on Polygon which requires a lot of dev time) using a service like:

These are just some of the examples that I know of (I’m sure I’m missing some good ones too!)

I actually really like that last one – far more than the other two.

Makes sense. Thoughts on DEX?

Even though Uniswap V3 is available on Polygon, the V3 style of liquidity is still pretty new and Quickswap is still the dominant DEX on Polygon. Anyone strong opinions on Sushi?

Additionally, the thought of having a IONX/USD(C?) Pair… With this market, pairing against an (unstable) quote asset like MATIC, ETH or others could cause the token price to be dragged down as well.

Open to thoughts!


I’d fully support an IonX/USDC pairing. While I’m more familiar with QuickSwap on Polygon, I’ve used SushiSwap as well – they’re very similar.

With the current price of $IONX … relative to where it has been and with expectations that price will get back up there … if you seed a stable/$IONX pair, you’re going to get absolutely rekt wrt IL and will undoubtedly have to keep shovelling funds into the pool.

Not sure that that’s the best use of company funds.

I know I’d never jump in that (stable) pool … not with the current price of $IONX … because I’m bullish on CP and expect price to rise.


Unless you know what you’re doing, I’d stay well away from V3 … you’ll more than likely be providing $$$ to bots … even more likely because the current price of $IONX is not where it should be and I’d be expecting large movements.

I’d consider looking at KyberSwap. Sushi has been having some issues with governance recently, so I’m a bit hesitant there.

Personally, quickswap or Kyber would be my suggestions.

yes, more liquidity on Polygon and STAKING. The future is crosschain… and nobody wants to use ETH nowadays.

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