Keep It Hush- July 23rd


In Christchurch many locals and visitors are dissatisfied with the entertainment, nightlife, and creative options in Christchurch and the wider New Zealand. Feeling it lacks the creativity and diversity found in other cities. Without alternatives, the local scene is left with an unhealthy and at times unsafe binge drinking culture, repetitive entertainment, and a socially reserved reputation. Christchurch is known for “closing early”, not because people choose, but because most venues are licensed bars, meaning the night ends when the bar closes. In Christchurch, New Zealand there is a community of artists creating a movement in real life through the XCHC. Though the XCHC community has been doing great work with artists in real life for the past seven years, this community remains a bit hidden from the wider world. Unable for people to experience it without physically being at the XCHC. Artists here remain disconnected from the global reach and possibilities enabled by embracing web3 technology, such as NFTs, tokens, and DAOs.


At the same time XCHC has been connected to artists, like Ryan from Beacon Bloom, that were the first to embrace NFTs in their art. Now Ryan is creating Unchained Music with assistance from a NFT protocol Charged Particles. Along with that, one of the current artists in residence, T.R. Price, is working through their organization Avano with Charged Particles on sparking movement in regenerative finance (in the ecology guild). T.R. (aka Terexitarius) has been connecting with lead organizers in Charged Particles; gaming: Cybertooth, DeFi: Danil, and Community Building: Mango. Some of these people instigated the first regenerative finance (ReFi) project that was part of Charged Particles, Grandmother Grove. At the same time T.R. has been further connected with more ReFi projects. In the last several months, their organization Avano has been a proud member of the ReFi movement. Especially in the decentralized monitoring, reporting and verification of regenerative actions and the benefits from them, now organizing an DAO of DAOs around this called dMeter. Having recognized this, Panvala (whose focus is on community building), has accepted them into their DAO of DAOs and sponsored them to speak during one of the largest cryptocurrency conferences in the world EthDenver.

The Event

The XCHC has been co creating with artists across New Zealand for the last several years, intentional art events called Mary Hush. These events have followed a storyline throughout, that has incorporated gamification, NFTs, and in real life art. This art has been and will continue to be, evocative art. Art that changes the way people think about society, the environment and the world around them. With this change, there is a want to make a difference in the world around us and resources need to be channeled to make this change. For the first time, people from all over the world will be able to be part of this event through the metaverse.

On July 23rd, Mary Hush is opening its doors to the metaverse. Music will be exchanged between the IRL event and the metaverse. Paintings and drawings will be created to and from the metaverse and IRL event. The story will unfold and continue to be written, maybe even in a comic format. One thing is for sure, plenty of ideas will be created! All the while, embracing web3 technology (like NFTs, metaverse lands, and DAO decision making). All proceeds from works involving T.R. (such as metaverse and NFTs) will be sent first to environmental organization(s) on Giveth. Then with the Givbacks, the XCHC community will be sent funding to further support the artists that made the Mary Hush event possible and a movement will be built

Building the Movement

Mary Hush has had so many contributors that have been and will continue to be part of the story. The storyline has been one of the key components that has allowed this community to thrive. Artists worked off this storyline to create inspirational pieces in real life. Not taking themselves too seriously and having fun with it, games were incorporated throughout. Starting with a key focus in Christchurch, New Zealand and expanding outward from there. All the while these events have been planting thousands of trees. Now this movement is making steps towards embracing web3 and the people that have been part of it who are willing will be onboarded into how this technology can benefit them and the world around them. Through now enabling a global community to become part of Mary Hush further resources can be channeled to the storyline, art, gamification and the environment.

Resource Generation

One of the first steps in this is sending a free mint NFT to every contributor both past and present that is part of the Mary Hush community. These NFTs will be a generative art collection. After we have accumulated resources, investments will be made in artists (especially indigenous, feminine, and ■■■■■). The main expectation from this investment will be that these artists make at least one NFT that is part of this movement.

Utilizing yield generating assets (like Klima and Aave), the value of this movement will continue to grow over time. Charged Particles NFTs created that are part of this movement will be continuously charged (loaded into the NFT like it is a smart wallet) with ReFi Tokens and IONX (the token of Charged Particles). In the future it is likely that an NFT marketplace will be created specifically for NFTs that are part of this.

In order to create data backing that the regenerative actions actually occurred like tree planting, a percent of revenue will be sent to dMeter for further dMRV creation. This data will eventually end up influencing the metaverse we are experiencing.

Sounds Interesting? How Can I Be Involved?

Join in the conversation on our Telegram (artists, writers, collaborators, environmentalists and funky clowns highly encouraged), sign up for the event to be notified when the metaverse is coming to life.

How Can Charged Particles Contribute?

Besides what is written in the paragraph above, we are looking for an allotment of IONX to start generating yield and to be sent to NFTs that are created related to this event. Let’s have a discussion as to what amount would be appropriate.


Mary Hush Video

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Amazing writeup, we should also consider Gitcoin for funding possibly! Climate Arts and Culture Projects | Gitcoin

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Already on it :slight_smile: 💰 Avano [Panvala League]- Decentralized Environmental Offsets (aka Beyond Carbon Credits) | Grants | Gitcoin

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Awesome!! That should help a lot if we can get some action going there