June Projects Summary

Here’s an update of activity of projects within the Charged Particles ecosystem during June. If I have overlooked things, please add to this topic in comments…

Blue Chips
Wen there’s guac on the streets, buy blue chips!
Blue Chips NFTs are creative, fun, and crushing it. 99 ETH floor anybody?!
Learn more at weloveguac.org

- 90’s Forever Superbundle
The #1 Nineties Nostalgia NFT pack
This premium bundle of partner tokens and NFTs commemorated the epic afterparty at NFT NYC, which in turn commemorated the glory that was the 90’s.
Read all about it!

Artist Spotlight: shoneec
The winner of our June Artist Showcase is longtime community member and talented artist, Shoneec! Their artwork, Air Tower , is part of a series of towers that explore a profound world.
Read an interview with the artist here

Return of Book of Alchemy
Charged Particles Gaming Guild’s flagship project, Book of Alchemy, is pushing the boundaries of composability and story-telling. Hot on the heels of the wild success of recent games: Ultimate Trash Panda, Rogues & Ronin, and the ongoing Polygorn, BoA is back!
Delve into the “alchemysphere” here

Ecology Guild branching out
The CPs Ecology Guild is like a mycelium–spreading out in multiple directions!
Grandmother Grove – the flagship project of the Ecology Guild continues to accumulate a treasury for reforestation & regeneration.
And Mary Hush–the realife July 23rd event in Christchurch, NZ (my hometown) with it’s virtual component, is shaping up to be epic.
More on Mary Hush. And more inside the CPs Ecology Guild…

Polygorn shenanigans!
A POLYGORN is a blockchain-born NFT battle monster with unlock-able attack powers and two levels of potential evolution. The POLYGORN game uses the fun of a battle pets game to facilitate some NFT learning and marketplace interaction. And the monsters are so cute!
Get into it here

Announcing… the DeFi Guild
By community demand, a DeFi Guild has formed inside the CPs server.
*Putting the “DeFi” in DeFiNFT :wink:
Watch this space…

What projects would you like to see or contribute to in the Charged Particle-verse?