July Projects Summary

Here’s an update of activity of projects within the Charged Particles ecosystem during July. If we’ve overlooked things, please add to this topic in comments…

NFTs for Governance
Tokenized ownership & governance is a key cornerstone of this decentralized future in which we strive to create. Ben Lakoff wrote a visionary article about this including describing “Non Fungible Governance Tokens (gNFTs)”.
Check it out here

Blue Chips
Wen there’s guac on the streets, buy blue chips!
Latest developments coming out of Dip DAO

Return to Green
This Refi Metaverse Event took place both live in New Zealand and the metaverse. It included partnerships with Giveth and Charged Particles, especially the Ecology Guild.
Learn more here

** 1 Million NFTs for < $2**
Resident gigachad dev Rob Secord released the “Infinite contract” (ERC721i), allowing extremely inexpensive pre-minting of NFTs.
Read all about it!

Polygorn shenanigans!
A POLYGORN is a blockchain-born NFT battle monster with unlock-able attack powers and two levels of potential evolution. The POLYGORN game uses the fun of a battle pets game to facilitate some NFT learning and marketplace interaction. And the monsters are so cute!
The game continues to play in the Gaming Guild.
Get into it here

Growing interest in the DeFi Guild
Last month, a DeFi Guild formed inside the CPs server.
Membership and engagement is ramping up. If you’re a DeFi enthusiast (or even Degen), jump right in.

What projects would you like to see or contribute to in the Charged Particle-verse?