Grandmother Grove's Growth Spurt

The world needs more art. Evocative art that changes the way people think about society, the environment and the world around them. With this change, there is a want to make a difference in the world around us and resources need to be channeled to make this change. The two main technologies able to facilitate this change and movement are tokens and NFTs, however there is a disheartening amount of these that are enabling this change.
Tokens and NFTs are valuable when there is a community that believes in them. However for many artists creating new NFTs, as well as attracting and maintaining this community is an issue. In Christchurch, New Zealand there is a community of artists creating a movement in real life through the XCHC. Here many locals and visitors are dissatisfied with the entertainment, nightlife, and creative options in Christchurch and the wider New Zealand. Feeling it lacks the creativity and diversity found in other cities. Without alternatives, the local scene is left with an unhealthy and at times unsafe binge drinking culture, repetitive entertainment, and a socially reserved reputation. Christchurch is known for “closing early”, not because people choose, but because most venues are licensed bars, meaning the night ends when the bar closes. Though the XCHC community has been doing great work with artists in real life for the past seven years, this community remains a bit hidden from the wider world. Unable for people to experience it without physically being at the XCHC. Artists here remain disconnected from the global reach and possibilities enabled by embracing web3 technology, such as NFTs, tokens, and DAOs. However, some are ready to take the next step.
To onboard in real life artists into web3 technology, proper onboarding steps need to be carried out as well as incentivizing the artists to take the steps. Charged Particles and Onchain Music are examples of organizations with individuals from them being both influenced by and influencing the XCHC community. Members from all these organizations now realize the need to make full steps into the web3 space but need support in creating onboarding processes. An XCHC community member recently made a purchase of metaverse land that will enable artists to showcase their art in a virtual gallery tied to a physical location (similar to Pokemon Go). This metaverse land, along with other metaverse lands (as acquired), will be used to portray 2d and 3d art, stream music from in real life events, video screenings and more. Bridging the gap from physical art to virtual art. The art portrayed in this metaverse land will be tied to NFTs that artists create from their own wallets after they have been onboarded into the web3 space. In the metaverse not only the art, but the stories of the artists and why they created the art will be portrayed. Especially for events.

An example of such an event is Mary Hush. Mary Hush has created intentional temporary art spaces following a story line for the last several years. Along with that they were one of the first spaces to incorporate gamification, and NFTs into their events. Enabling further art created for these events to become part of the metaverse will build momentum for more of these events to occur and artists to be supported in this movement. Throughout this movement, a percent of the funding would not only support artists but would be channeled towards real life change and organizations that are inspiring it.

There are some examples of tokens channeling funding towards, in real life change. Along with that there are organizations, like Giveth, which enable donations towards in real life organizations. Embedding these tokens into NFTs will enable the NFTs to have a liquid market value. Mechanisms to generate yield, such as yield bearing tokens or proper community treasury management can be used to increase the value embedded in these NFTs as well as increase token holders. This will allow the community associated with this to have increased value over time. Charged Particles is an example of a codebase and community that can enable this. For blockchains where Charged Particles doesn’t function, similar functions can be used with NFTs and collective treasury management (Until the Point When CP Is On That Blockchain).

It is expected that this metaverse will create funds that can be used for supporting more artists making the move into the web3 space. Utilizing a decentralized funding model similar to that of Aera Force, where a person refers to someone that should be funded, someone scouts the person to confirm the funding opportunity and the collective agrees if the funding should be distributed, this organization’s aim is to distribute more funding to in real life artists. In return for this funding, the artist would go through the onboarding process and create an NFT of their art (through Onchain Music, Charged Particles, or other technology). A percent of the sale of this NFT then goes towards supporting the organization.

Call Of Action
The next Mary Hush Event is July 23rd. During that event, some of the music created will be streamed to a metaverse area. Along with that, some of the art created during that event will be turned into NFTs and portrayed in the metaverse space. Existing artists that donate art to support this event will rest assured knowing the 100% of the proceeds from that art will go towards IRL environmental action. During the day of the event environmental organizations and web3 regenerative finance organizations will be given the opportunity to speak, as well as present panels. This can be the initial spark for Charged Particles entry into Regenerative Finance, with proceeds from that event going towards tree planting through Grandmother Grove. At that time the tree planting organization will be connected with Giveth and GivBacks can be earned supporting this organization into the future.
To carry this out, support is needed from community members to organize the event and create the metaverse. Though volunteer contribution would be much appreciated to do this, it would be great if contributions were able to be rewarded. So in addition to the support could be great to see what resources are out there for metaverse land, rewarding contributors and generally getting the ball rolling.

Video From Community Member: Beacon Bloom's journey into NFTs, the Metaverse and DeFi with Charged Particles - YouTube

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Very comprehensive proposal Terex! Could you clarify what contributions you’d like from Charged Particles exactly? Would love to identify/quantify what would help the most for this event!


Based upon several people’s comments wanted to clarify further on the needs… There will likely arise more needs but here are a couple that come to mind. Needs
• Evocative art both in NFT form and or art that would like to be turned into NFTs
• Help onboarding the artists that would like their art turned into NFTs
• Document onboarding process and get funding to incentivize artists to onboard to NFTs
o Music NFTs: Onchain, Other Forms of Art NFTs: Charged Particles
• The use of a metaverse space or
o Help in cocreating a metaverse space with Unity Developers (currently a blank slate)
• Spreading the word- marketing
• Documenting stories of artists, metaverse, ReFi that is involved in this
• Register Grandmother Grove Tree Planting Organization with Giveth
• Learn and create with the Founders of Mary Hush
• Help in Decentralization- DAO for treasury management
• Knowledge in streaming music to metaverse from IRL event- setting this up
• Help in arranging ReFi panel/ talk
• Funding for all needs mentioned above (will be applying to several web3 grant opportunities as well)


Panel organization is something I should be able to make happen. Let’s get some more interested stirred up in The Nucleus (and the Ecology Guild) and get a meeting scheduled to see who is really up for putting in some time.

I’d wager that Unchained Music would be happy to help line up some of the music side of things.

@Rafael tends to be our local storytelling so maybe he’d be able to check off that box.

And perhaps @danilpan would be interested in helping with the art part of the equation?


absolutely, could open up submissions for artworks to be auctioned/sold with all funds going to Grandmother Grove. I love it!

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yes, happy to “tell this story” before or after the event


So from our call today fund generation from this event was brought up and a couple of avenues were thought of- retroactive funding based upon each participants experience of the event and how valuable they thought it was/ how much they can afford. Gifting free nfts to each member of the event ( Generative NFTs- Free Mint- Memeability).


Along with that it was mentioned the need to bring people that aren’t in the Regenerative Finance community to participate, share their feelings and experiences about the world, connecting people who want to contribute to the opportunity.


Just realized the second section was supposed to be - The two main technologies able to facilitate this change and movement are tokens and NFTs, however there is a disheartening amount of these that aren’t enabling this change.

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