[Decentralized Community Growth] Lossless Monthly Guild Stipends

Proposal by Danil and Mango

Please be advised, we are still in the early days of our decentralization and will continue to be doing the work of building up our community before voting with IONX and programmatic protocol changes. This is very simply an open ideation/discussion post

In an effort to stimulate the democratic process within our expanding community, the team would like to create a set of NFTs with interest bearing assets for each Guild that would generate interest, resulting in a monthly stipend for each Guild to use at their discretion. This would be lossless for the CP Treasury and would provide an avenue for Guild Leaders and community members to participate more in the decision making process as well as being rewarded for their dedication and continued contributions to our shared vision.

We propose that $100k be deposited into each NFT - one per Guild - that would be controlled by a Gnosis Multisig wallet on Polygon (operated by the CP Team for the time being). At 3 - 6% interest, this would lead to $250 - $500 worth of USDC per Guild per month.

The Guild Leaders, having the most in depth understanding of the growth and development of their particular parts of the ecosystem, would then, in a style similar to Photon of the Month, present three different options for what that money would be used for. This could be a wide range of choices including but not limited to: rewarding stellar community members, funding projects, funding contests, donating to various charities, saving and compounding the amount back into the Guild NFT, running artists grants, and much more.

As time goes on this will lead to significant increase in community engagement and interaction as well as the reinforcement of community leadership in each sector.

We’d love to hear your thoughts.


I think that this is a really cool idea, and I’d definitely be interested in more discussion around how such funds might be used.


For us over at the Music Guild, there’s a bunch of things we could potentially use this for. Off the top of my head:

  • Incentivization of Minting Music Related NFTs on CP
  • Musical Events/shows/metaverse parties using CP prominently
  • Collaboration with other music-related projects in the crypto-music ecosystem
  • Artist Grants to Musicians using the protocol

I’m sure there’s a bunch of other uses, but that’s what I’m immediately thinking to increase the utilization of the protocol and bring more musicians into the fold. :upside_down_face:


This is really a cool and awesome idea inline with the Charged Particles protocol and Vision!
Glad to be part of this community!!


With my minimal experience with the HiroDAO, I was able to set up a DaoHAUS DAO with a minion to direct the charge to, that is still governable by the HiroDAO members. I would assume that something similar could just be done with a Gnosis Safe. One limitation I ran into was only 35% of the charge can be directed to the Minion and (I think) only the original creator of the Proton (that is charged) can discharge the accrued charge.

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The overall proposal I love, and would allow the guilds some autonomy to accomplish objectives without much red tape, and yet the overall Treasury would be safeguarded and easily reclaimed if a “Guild” were to misbehave. I really like this idea.


How are you redirecting charge to the minion? I’d be very keen to hear how that’s working since I have a project that could definitely use something like that.

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Has there been any progress on this? Would love to hear an update if so.


Not at this time but i’d also love to revisit this idea. I think at this time the funding goal is a bit large especially if we are looking at multiple guilds. Still I think the interest is there and a stipend could do a lot for each guild’s members.

Hope to get things moving along here soon! And most likely when the market shifts in a better direction :smiley: