Community Discussion: An Open Source Protocol with Monetized DApps

GM, everyone!

We’re opening a discussion post today which we hope will set us off in the direction of monetization and value add for our token holders.

It is one of our core values that the Charged Particles protocol remains an open source protocol for as long as possible (if not forever), but in order to continue developing new products, features, and tools, we will of course need to monetize some component of our offerings.

It is with this in mind that today we propose to enable fees for certain features of the Charged Particles Art DApp/Minting Station as well as for other products that are in development such as Web 3 Starter Packs, Massv!, The NFT Viewer, and other yet-to-be-announced products. These fees would not happen at the protocol level, but at the platform level.

Why is this an important choice?

Not only will this begin to bring in revenue for the treasury, but it will also incentivize projects that are interested in using Charged Particles to consider integrating our SDK as the free alternative to using our pre-built tools that are fee-enabled. This pipeline will therefore lead to either a) revenue or b) widespread integration.

How will this impact IONX?

On a basic level, we hope that monetization and increased integration of our tech will bode well for market sentiment, but beyond the speculative value, the aforementioned pipeline of SDK integration means that these external protocols would be buying up and time-locking more IONX in order to integrate the fee-free protocol. We hope this buy-pressure will be good for overall token price.

What will fees be?

This is an important question and one that we should be discussing between us. I’ll leave this open for discussion below. If we look at other models around the space it seems reasonable to suggest something between .5% - 3% fees on ‘Energizing’.

NOTE: Different fee structuring will likely make sense for different DApps, so this proposal is, in part, simply to do a temperature check a bout fees in general.

What about Leptons?

Leptons are still very much on our roadmap and it has recently been suggested by @Rafael that, if fees are enabled at the platform level, Leptons could be used to eliminate those platform fees for holders. This would bring more utility and value to the Leptons in the interim period before their full functionality is unveiled.

We’d be very curious to hear long term community members and builder’s thoughts on these ideas!


Thanks Mango,
Good conversation, we need to have as a community.

I’d just add one thought:
I think fees for Energizing, and perhaps minting, would be best as a flat fee in ETH/MATIC, as opposed to a percentage.
This would simply add some cost to transaction cost.

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Agree with this!

Protocol should remain without fees as long as possible to encourage adoption (and before a proper moat / network effects are reached).

Small fees - making sure they’re transparent for users and not a surprise withdraw fee or anything - in the DApps make sense.

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I’d be fine to pay a small percentage on the Platform to use and test as a way to support CP and the further buildout on innovation etc as long as the SDK / Protocol level could be used for free in our dApp.

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