Community Calls / Meetings

I’d like to stay up to date with community meetings but am unavailable at the scheduled time. Until we have a formal minutes section I figured I would just ask here: How did the meeting go this morning, and what was discussed?

I was only available for part of it, but there was a brief introduction of Charged Particles, mention of current projects (including Polygon implementation) and commentary on previous events/developments, mention of several “coming attractions” (including a note on the IDO that came out on Twitter today), and then questions from the audience. Most of the questions were pretty basic (“how do we get on your Discord/Telegram/etc”, “how do we become featured artists for these events?”, etc). There was also some conversation/introduction of new folks; it was about this time that I had to step away, however. As an aside, in the “coming attractions” section, they did note that there are lots of things coming – enough to fill out the announcement schedule through mid-June, at least.

Overall it’s a pretty loose call, without much of an agenda. A lot of good information is shared, but I’d hate to be the one having to take notes/minutes. (Everything here is from memory, so please take it with a grain of salt!)


To follow up on some of that, we announced both of the events coming in June

June 11th: IMT Album Launch “First Inversion” in partnership with HMP Records, DAORecords, TokenSmart, and Bittrees.

Eventbrite to RSVP: First Inversion by Intro to Music Theory- A Crypto-Native Album Launch Tickets, Fri, Jun 11, 2021 at 6:00 AM | Eventbrite

June 18th: LIQUID ENERGY - Fourth Official CP Metaverse Party and Art Drop

More details being released later this week or next week for this event.

Otherwise, R.Absurdum is correct. The community calls tend to be answering a lot of questions from users. Some more basic than others. We covered some questions about time-locking and how that works by selecting a particular block in the future and whether or not that would be affected by migration to ETH 2.0 - it likely won’t be. We talked about what sorts of things the governance forum will be used for, touched on legal questions re: the SEC. Lots of stuff, but pretty casual as it always is.