Charged Particles Art Vault & Degen Fund

Creation of an Art Vault and Degen Fund

Background: As the market becomes grim there are lots of opportunities to be found; Artists continue to create incredible masterpieces that are now cheaper to pick up. Similarly, many valuable collections are now on sale across the board. This is the time for bargain deals and scooping!

Summary: The idea here is to create 2 different pools of funds (Initially community funded, then possibly a proposal to get seed funds from the treasury) where one is focused on collecting art from our community and the other is to degen into flippable projects and generate returns for the Degen fund. Anyone in the Nucleus is free to join and pitch in towards the success of these pools.

Goals: With the Art Vault the goal is to support our amazing artists and to steward notable pieces from emerging talents minting on Charged Particles. We can create a Proton to act as the Vault NFT and nest all collected pieces inside to create a basket of all the artworks. Possibly as the pieces increase in substantial value we can auction off the entire vault and send part of the proceeds to charity.

The goal of the Degen Fund is to maximize profits by investing in projects with high potential. We will use the Quantum Alpha channel to coordinate and discuss which projects to buy and to secure for the Degen Fund. This pool is meant to be a bit more fun, but if we see decent profits we could dedicate a portion of profits to charity, funnel it into Grandmother Grove, etc.

Concerns: Low liquidity as people are becoming bearish. A bit unlikely we can get Treasury funds for Degen-ing (probably most applicable and constructive to have treasury funds allocated towards Art Vault).

Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts and whether this is worth moving into a full proposal!

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With the Grandmother Grove metaverse event. There is the ability to create some of the funds necessary for an artist vault. This funding (and funding from other sources, potential: shared safe pooling) can be used to support artists moving into the web3 space or buying NFTs from existing artists, the end goal would be similar: to have more NFTs in a shared treasury. As these NFTs grow in value (potentially by charging yield bearing tokens to them on a constant basis), the NFTs can be flipped for a ROI. Channeling a percent of that flip to IRL public good orgs on Giveth can help to build mission statement and shared community purpose. In return for the donation, the Giveth platform "GivBack"s up to 75% of the value of that donation while sending 100% of the donation still to IRL orgs. Incorporating support for IRL environmental orgs would likely make this project capable of being part of the grandmother grove ecosystem. So could see some cross collaboration opportunity, thoughts?

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That makes a lot of sense, totally down to do that! Also worth noting I intend for the pools to last quite some time, so there will probably lots of events and stuff we can tie it into! Great connection there Terex!

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