A Community-Maintained Scoreboard of Successful Proposals

Now that Governance is really beginning to kick off both here on the governance forum and then following on our official snapshot page:


it seems that it might be a good idea to begin keeping track of which community members are making regular, successful contributions to the DAO and rewarding them in some way.

This is not to say that we should encourage regular, low-effort posts, but rather should focus on celebrating folks who are putting in the leg-work to make positive impacts within our ecosystem.

Some questions about how this would work:

  1. How regularly do we tally up and reward members? Monthly? Quarterly? Bi-annually?

    I’m tempted to say that every three months feels right to me. For example, the community members that has the most successful votes on snapshot each quarter would get some allotment of IONX

  2. How much IONX is appropriate?

    This probably fluctuates with token prices, so perhaps we make a suggestion based on stablecoin value. $1000? More?

  3. What is the best way to keep track of these things in a way that is verifiable, easy to view, and not a huge hassle to build or maintain?

    Perhaps a bot within the Discord? Do we have anyone that can already do that or is
    willing to learn how to do that? @zelani perhaps?

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Hey @Mango , Very interesting. Is it similar to Photon of the month in aversion of Photon of the Quarter?

Regarding the BOT sure, will dig some articles to Organize/visualize the community contributions,

I know a BOT for Telegram, let me find one for Discord!.

Happy and exited as we move forward to our DAO Journey, LFG!!!


Something like that yeah, but specifically in regard to how many successful proposals that have moved from gov > snapshot > approval.

Photon of the Month could still happen a little more broadly (though we have sort of taken a break from it to let the community grow a bit more in the interim).

Overall love the effort but perhaps makes more sense to roll it into the Photon of the month or you’d like to keep it separate?

Think we should give POAPs (enabled now in the snapshot) for voters and do something special for having > x POAPs in the future (encouraging voting).

I know there are bots that exist to keep track of messages in discord but really encourages quantity versus quality. To track quality these will have to do these by person - and thus be pretty subjective.

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I love the POAP idea. could definitely see this being sort of the “new” photon of the month rollout

I almost think this is better done quarterly and perhaps Photon of the Quarter becomes more relevant. Could include this as a count of how many successful proposals as a part of that. We’d slowed on Photon of the Month until we have a bit more regular engagement.

If we are choosing just one of the two, I’d rather have this which is a more measurable metric rather than just a popularity contest.

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