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Ideas + Discussion

Ideas for proposals, governance improvements, hackathon projects, and feature requests for All Charged Particles Improvement Proposals start here!

Forum Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.



Official proposals to improve the Charged Particles Protocol or deploy funds from the protocol’s treasury. All Charged Particles Improvement Proposals (CPIPs) must include executable code and will have a voting period no shorter than 7 days. Proposals must receive at least >50% approval in a vote with at least 20% of total eligible token holders participating in order to pass.


Proposals to remove all pieces by a specific address from Removal from consists of removing the address’ profile page and all pieces from the Charged Particles web app only, it does not mean the NFTs will be burned.

Featured Art

Post your nominations for which Charged Particles NFTs should be featured at the top of the Charged Particles Marketplace, and why you think they should be featured. Proposals for featured art can contain 1-5 pieces and must follow the template for this category.

Delegate Pitches

Post your pitch for why people should delegate their votes to you.